Safety Advice

We strive to making sure your experience at as safe as possible. We are 100% committed to provide all the tools you need to safeguard your privacy.


Here you can find advice on how stay safe while trading on


⛑️ General Safety Advice


Trade in locally.  Wherever possible, meet in person in public place like coffee shop. Before making any transaction make sure you are getting what you have been offered by seller.

• Make transaction same time. Do not make payment before you received your item.

Don't fall into trap. Avoid anything that looks unrealistic or too low price that good to be true. 

• Never share your financial information. This includes your bank account, credit card, paypal or any other financial details that could be misused.

• Chat conversation. Use our build-in chat option for safer transaction. Avoid using 3rd party apps like WhatsApp/Messenger/Skype etc.


❗Our safety measures


We work continuously to ensure you have the safest and enjoyable experience on


Some of our safety measures including:

• Ability to hide email address on ads you post to protect from spam.

• Giving you option to hide your phone number on ads you post to protect from unwanted calls and ads messages.

• Option to report an ad if you notice an issue with ad or seller.

• We are consistently improving our services to make as safe as possible.

• We are working hard to find inappropriate or suspecious ads posted by scammers.


⛔ Reporting a safety issue


If you feel that you have been the victim of a scam, please report your situation to us immediately. If you have been cheated, we also recommend that you contact your local police department. is committed to ensuring the privacy of its users and therefore does not share information about its users publicly. However, we are committed to the safety of our users and will cooperate with the police department should we receive any requests for information in connection with fraudulent or other criminal activity.